Monday, February 2, 2009

Fan Art

Here's that compilation of the fan art I've linked to since starting the site. When I know who made it, clicking on the picture will take you to them. Otherwise, if it's yours or you know who made it (or you know of some other good stuff I've left out), please let me know with a comment (or, technically, if it's yours and you want it taken down, I can do that too, but I'd rather not, it's here cause I like it and want to show off your work!).

'Batman 3' Posters and Concept Art

(the above 4 "Gotham City" posters are by the same guy, who has a nifty blog full of his art)

(Harley Quinn "Nolan-ized")

(what the rumored actors would look like in their villain costumes)

Oscar Campaign Images:


(the origin of Two-Face in Legos)

(Click the image for a pdf and instructions on how to make your own papercraft South Park Batman)

(more from this artist here)

(lots more Simpsons-ized Batman here)


Anonymous said...

The first one with riddler is the best, love it!

Anonymous said...

i like the 1 w/ mr. freeze

No1funkydancer said...

The second one from the top is the most likely story for the next film. The sonar machine does have lots of room for philosophical debate and is current with CCTV etc... Plus the artwork is boss.

disco3 said...

I think there all unreal good, my fav. are the legend of the bat with catwoman on the stone animal jetting out of the building, and the one of croc and batman in the sewers. nice!