Monday, July 28, 2008

Ma Gunn

Ma Gunn kicks off Not In A Million Years Week. She runs Ma Gunn's School for Boys in Gotham's Crime Alley, hoping to set kids straight with some good old fashioned discipline... or so it would seem. She's secretly teaching them how to be better criminals, with lessons including the pros and cons of automatic weapons, and using the boys as her own personal mob.

Pros: Batman punches an old lady in the chin! I'd love to be in a theater full of innocent movie goers and hear the gasps of horror after Batman knocks an octogenarian out cold.

Cons: The fun of messing with the audience doesn't outweigh the general lameness of the character. Plus, she was introduced in the origin story of Jason Todd, the second (and worst) of the Robins, and we're already pretty sure there won't be a Robin in these Batman movies.

How I'd do it: I might just skip the story and have the next movie open with the exchange in the panels above.

Casting Guesses: It might be cool to see Angela Lansbury knocked on her ass. Or Betty White.

Verdict: Get ready for a whole week of this: absolutely not.

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