Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More on Catwoman

Following up on my Catwoman post, I found a den of geek article suggesting 15 actresses who could play Catwoman. I had considered most of them: Jessica Alba would look great but not really bring anything else to the role, Eliza Dushku (though I love her so) is pretty much the same in everything she does and not very Catwoman-y, Scarlett Johansson has a great body but doesn't look particularly athletic (and also I won't stand for a blonde Selina). Anne Hathaway is someone I did not consider, but it could work, though she'd have to hit the gym. She's gorgeous, and on general aesthetics I wouldn't change a thing, but would have to be a little more muscular to look like she could pose a threat to Christian Bale's Batman. Rosario Dawson would make a great Catwoman but I have trouble seeing her as Selina Kyle. Part of Ms Dawson's appeal is that she's kinda geeky. Totally hot geeky, but I don't see her as... glamorous?

But while thinking about their list, two other names came to mind: Rachel Weisz and Missy Peregrym. Rachel Weisz is a great fit physically, but I don't know if she can quite capture the ass kicking seductress part of the character. As for Missy Peregrym, I have no idea if she's at all up to the part as an actor, but if you remember the trailers for Stick It, you know she's in great shape. But you probably just remember her from the first season of Heroes or Reaper, so at least you know she's a lovely young lady. Probably wouldn't ever happen, but it's at least fun to imagine her in the costume.

Obviously I'm a Catwoman fan, since I'm putting so much thought into this. Or at least, I'm a fan of the recent Catwoman... the purple suited, tailed, plain old thief, mostly an excuse for T&A version of the character is awful. But this will be the last word on Catwoman casting... until the next word.

(image stolen from Adam Hughes)


Gregg said...

What about Natalie Portman? I'm thinking of 'V for Vendetta' more than the 'Star Wars' prequels.

Bill said...

She's a good actress and all, but I think she's too tiny. She's apparently 5'3" and she always looks about 5'3". Catwoman's not supposed to be huge or anything, but to seem like some sort of physical match for Batman she ought to be 5'7"-ish, I think.

riddler22 said...

SHE IS HOT and can ACT and can FIGHT! HOT