Friday, August 1, 2008


Magpie is mostly memorable for looking like a reject from a Mad Max movie and for recently being killed in the comics. But she was also at one time a feared villain, who had an obsession with jewels that were named after birds. You'd think that would be a very limited specialty, but for some reason, Gotham City had a lot of these (the eagle's heart, the robin's egg, the falcon's eye). She made squawking noises and lame bird puns and all the stuff you'd expect from a fourth-rate Batman villain. By far the most amusing part of her first appearance in Batman comics was how Robin let her get away by being too gentlemanly (click for a larger version):

Pros: There was a time when movie villains sorta looked like that, with weird hair and weird costumes. Like Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner. It might be cool to bring that back.

Cons: It would not be cool to bring that back in a Batman movie though. Also, if anyone's going to be stealing jewels named after birds, it ought to be the Penguin

How I'd do it: To make her work, she'd have to change so much that she'd basically be the lady Penguin, or Catwoman but with birds.

Casting Guesses: Chyler Leigh, who I just learned is now on Grey's Anatomy which is weird, once had crazy hair on That 80s Show. That's the best I've got.

Verdict: Magpie is for the birds. Only a bird brain would put her in a movie. A little bird told me it'll never happen. Putting Magpie in a movie would ruffle my feathers. I think that's all the bird puns I've got. And my apologies to anyone who suffered through that.

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