Wednesday, August 20, 2008

News & Notes

Only one news item today, but it's a big one:
When it comes to Batman, the future of the franchise is in Christopher Nolan's hands. That's what a successful reboot with "Batman Begins" and breaking records with "The Dark Knight" will do.

There's a deal for the director to helm a third pic, but he has yet to decide on whether to tackle it yet.

"We have no idea where Chris is going with this," Horn says. "We haven't had any conversations with him about it."

Personally, the idea of a Batman 3 with anyone else is scary. I doubt they'd pick anyone Joel Schumacher bad (IGN has a few decent suggeststions, although David Cronenberg would figure out a way to make Batman boring), but I'm so attached to Christopher Nolan's version that I'd consider anyone else a step down. And I get that Nolan has other interests, and I wouldn't expect him to keep doing Batman movies forever, but I just really want a third one, damnit.


Robot Devil said...

David Cronenberg adapting Batman: Arkham Asylum or an original script from Morrison. Push the psychodrama as far as it will go. Comic fans will hate it. Mainstream moviegoers will hate it. This blog will hate it.
It will be an awesome movie

Robot Devil said...

eeep... got Cronenberg confused with David Lynch. David Cronenberg + Batman = a Man-Bat body horror movie. Hell yes

Bill said...

I wouldn't mind a David Lynch Arkham Asylum. Cronenberg movies of late... they seem to have all the elements of interesting, exciting movies, except for the interest and excitement. Something about the pacing or the way they're cut, I'm not sure.