Friday, August 22, 2008

News & Notes

Squat for news, so instead today's all about fan art.

EDIT: Some late actual news, Warner Bros hopes to have Batman 3 out by 2011, according to IGN.

First, some guy decided Harley Quinn should be played by Kristen Bell (a good choice), and then designed a cool costume and photoshopped her into it:

He did the same for a David Tennant Riddler and a Marion Cotillard Catwoman. You can check them all out on his deviantart page.

I don't know who did this one, but I saw it here, but I thought it was funny:

Then there's a guy who makes amazing etch-a-sketch art who did a great Joker:

And finally, Spippo on deviant art makes unusual mods of My Little Pony, including plenty of Batman character versions, so check that out. Here's the Joker:

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