Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Poison Ivy

Pamela Isley is a botanist who at some point becomes poisonous and is skilled at manipulating men through sexual attraction. That is about all that's consistent about Poison Ivy's characterization over the years in the comic books. In some versions, she has the ability to control plants. In some, she emits toxic fungus spores wherever she goes. Sometimes she's an environmental terrorist, sometimes she just wants to be left alone with plants. She's shown contempt for all people in some versions, but other times she's partnered with Harley Quinn. Sometimes she's able to mess with men's heads because she's developed pheromones, sometimes it's a byproduct of her poisonousness. So there's a variety of ways to go with this character for a Dark Knight sequel while still being faithful to the comic books.

(image stolen from Phil Noto)

Pros: To be completely superficial, Poison Ivy has to be a smoking hot redhead, and that's never bad.

Cons: Her appearance in Batman & Robin is a huge negative. Uma Thurman wasn't all that bad, but it was a poorly written part and an all-around terrible film, and the public still associates the Poison Ivy character with that movie. And like many villains, her more supernatural powers don't fit in the realistic universe of the film series.

How I'd do it: Bruce Wayne becomes infatuated with Pamela Isley, improbably attractive scientist, while Batman battles an eco-terrorist using the alias Poison Ivy. No poisonousness, no pheromones, no plant powers.

Casting Guesses: Christina Hendricks is perfect for the part. She was wonderfully wicked as Saffron on a couple episodes of Firefly, and I can't take my eyes off her on Mad Men. In fact, if Poison Ivy is chosen and someone other than Christina Hendricks plays the part, I'd be pretty upset.

Verdict: Not impossible, but not very likely. The plotline I imagined turns her into a redheaded Catwoman who likes plants instead of cats. In that case, I'd just rather see Catwoman. And so would most people, I think.


cinema-picture-show said...

Eva Green would be great as Poison Ivy. Like your blog, keep it up ;)

Novak said...

She'd work quite well if you remove all the supernatural stuff. Like you said have her as an eco-terrorist. Blowing up large corporations that are harming the planet or something.

Could relate to the modern day worries of global warming an' all that.

Anonymous said...

I once discussed with some freinds of mine whether it would be possible to use Bane and Poison Ivy in a film and using a drug theme.

Obviously Bane would represent steroids and Ivy would represent her controling the public through addiction.

But obviously this is a big no no considered in the end Drug taking would have to be shown on the screen at one point and thats a touchy thing. That and it also has no real relevance to whats happened

Like your blog alot I've been wondering recently who they may consider and this shows some valid arguments

Anonymous said...

would she really be poison ivy without pheramones, posions, and plant powers? they have to change some, but still be recognizable.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Ivy, but i think that i would be hard for Nolan to make her realistic... But IF he could manage, i definetley agree with Christine Hendricks. Gorgeous, good actress. BUT, i would choose someone else. I know it's a bit of crazy idea. Shirley Manson! (The lead singer from Garbage) She's a beautiful redhead, she just went into acting recentley and she can look hella scary... She's my dream Ivy!