Monday, August 11, 2008


Victor Zsasz is just a regular old serial killer. No supernatural powers, no elaborate costume, no obsession with birds or plants or cats, no lifelong hatred of Bruce Wayne. He just likes to kill people. The only thing that separates him from Dahmer or Gacy or any other serial killer is that Zsasz carves a mark into himself for each victim. Most drawings make him look like he's well into triple figures, which I have to think would be some kind of record.

Pros: Zsasz is different from your standard Batman villain. He's frightening in a much more realistic way.

Cons: He's not too much of a physical challenge for Batman, to do his murders justice might make it hard to keep the PG-13 rating of the past two movies, and he doesn't really make for exciting chase scenes or dramatic rescues.

How I'd do it: Technically, we've already seen Zsasz. He appeared briefly early on in Batman Begins, portrayed as a mob hitman, with Rachel Dawes trying to keep him in regular prison and out of Dr. Crane's care. He later shows up among the Arkham escapees and his trademark scars can be seen if you look closely. The transition into full blown serial killer is an easy one, since we can assume he was subject to the Scarecrow's experiments, and now he's roaming the streets of Gotham. Zsasz is another guy who can't be the featured villain, so if he shows up I'd keep his appearance brief.

Casting Guesses: Tim Booth was just fine as Zsasz in the first one.

Verdict: He could get a token appearance, but again there's no way he's the main villain in Batman 3.


Anonymous said...

I think Zasz is the perfect main villain for a batman film. He's already introduced in the Nolan films, he's untainted by cartoons or the previous batman franchise, and he's freaking scary in a real world way. to me the new franchise seems to be taking sort of a tour of genre in a way, "Begins" is somwhat of a Kung Fu comming of age story; "Dark Knight" is more of a cop drama. Why not make the third installment take us into the darkness of a seiral killer murder mystery. think "seven" or slasher movies, with the Dark Knight showing of his detective skills following the grotesque clues left by a madman killer at each crim scene. The Riddler could work in this too, but he'd have to be much darker and scarier than anything we've ever seen previously. And the Riddler is too much like the Joker. Plus.. Jim Carrey... need a i say more

Perhaps in the begining a better known more recognizable villain who might seem the more obvious choice for a batman movie is intruduced as the main villain, and brings Zsasz in an evil plot of somekind, but finds Zsasz to much to handle and ends up as one of his victims early on, or perhaps Robin shows up but not as Batman's young crime fighting protege but rather lone vigilante
trying to follow Batty's example and ends up as one of Zsasz's zombies, which would further torment and conflict Bruce Wayne's charactor. And it would just be so beautifully shocking to see a colorfully clad Robin slain on the big screen!
Whoever ends up in the next Batman installment i just hope its dark, exciting and surprising. I have faith in Christopher Nolan if he does indeed decide to do the next one.

Anonymous said...

I think Zasz could be in the new Batman movie, but maybe, because he's already introduced, he could be a villan for the opening sequence, kind of James Bond style.

J Kempf said...

Actually, I think Zsasz presents the perfect opportunity for help move the Batman franchise forward. Often we see a whole lot of how much Batman kicks ass, but not of how smart he is. Even in Nolan's Batman, it is Lucius Fox who has come up with Batman's gadgets. This presents the chance for Batman to really show off his detective skills. In the same way that Dark Knight was a Batman meets The Godfather, Zsasz would make for a great Batman meets Silence of the Lambs.

Mind At Large said...

J kempf has hit it right on the money. please see my comment on the riddler bio (basically cuz I dont feel like retyping the whole bloody thing.) Zsasz should and would make the franchise, darker, bloodier, and more sinister than both movies combined. Cheers to you J K, great MINDS think alike.

Anonymous said...

He had a cameo is Batman Begins. I don't see him being in the next movie as a featured villain.

Muhammad Bilal Islam said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one who strongly believes that Zsasz would make the perfect main antagonist for the next film. He fits the tone of the series perfectly; hell, he advances it. He has already been introduced in the series, and not in a way that would taint any future appearances. I just really hope this occurs to the directors/writers, honestly I'm praying for it.

Other great villains would be Deathstroke, Deadshot, Black Mask, and/or The Reaper/Phantasm

Anonymous said...

i like zasz as a character, awsome is a word that will be used if they put him in a movie. i think his style is one of the best sinister,evil,or misunderstood all in all a great character

thezasz said...

cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut!!!!!! zasz is awsom