Monday, November 10, 2008

Mackenzie Bock

Mackenzie Bock -- nicknamed "Hardback" because he liked to read -- is a Gotham cop who partnered for a while with Renee Montoya. He was generally suspicious of Batman and didn't like vigilantes interfering with poice work. During No Man's Land, when Gotham is destroyed by an earthquake, evacuated, and cut off from the rest of the country, Bock stays behind with the police to try to deal with the chaos in the city, taking only a brief break to help rebuild his old neighborhood. After his stint with Montoya, he was promoted to the head of the Organized Crime department at Gotham City PD, and eventually Chief of Police, but upon receiving that job he basically disappeared from the comics.

Pros: The movie Gotham could use a tough, honest cop.

Cons: A fairly insignificant character, I'm not sure he even lasted 5 years as a regular in the comics.

How I'd do it: Have Bock be one of Gordon's Lieutenants.

Casting Guesses: Richard T. Jones? D.B. Woodside? Someone like that.

Verdict: He wouldn't be in a big role, but Bock would fit perfectly.

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