Wednesday, February 4, 2009

News & Notes

Luke1234 put together this Riddler poster, another really good one (most of the best ones have been Riddler posters, but there are still plenty of other good ones). The use of Two-Face's coin and the joker cards to make the question mark is a nice touch.

Only one piece of news today, Nikki Finke (a well-connected reporter/blogger, mostly known for breaking insider type stories) is writing about an Oscar telecast boycott organized by Dark Knight fans angry over the lack of a Best Picture and/or Best Director nomination. The only real evidence I can find that such a thing exists is this facebook group, which appears to have fewer than 300 members. I can find quite a few blog posts speculating that people might boycott, but no real organization in the kinds of numbers that ABC or the academy would notice. A few reasons a massive boycott won't happen or matter:
  • The Dark Knight got 8 nominations, more than any geek movie I can think of besides Return of the King, so lots of people are pleased.

  • Lots of fans really want to see Heath Ledger win an Oscar.

  • Your stereotypical Dark Knight fan is probably less likely to watch the Oscars ceremony than a non-fan. It's not much of a boycott if the ones boycotting weren't going to watch anyway.

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