Tuesday, March 10, 2009

News & Notes

Riddler by OctaviusINC.

  • 2011 has been the date floating around for Batman 3 for a while, but Batman on Film is now guessing 2012.

  • The popular and likely untrue rumor of the day yesterday was that Christian Bale's reputation was so damaged by that outburst a while back that his Terminator co-star would be taking over the role of Batman. Supposedly Sam Worthington, between Terminator Salvation and Avatar, is set to be the next big thing, but most people have never heard of him. Plus, the Dark Knight made a billion freaking dollars, there's no way anyone wants to change things unless they have to.

  • Comicbook.com thinks that Batman today owes a lot to the campy 60s Batman TV series.
  • Batman comic writer Grant Morrison gave an interesting interview to the Big Issue, and looks extra creepy in the picture, too.

  • And in a follow-up to yesterday's real-life Batman article, some Australian police are having major problems with their Batman-like utility belts. (6.8kg is just shy of 15 pounds, if you're not metric-literate)

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