Monday, May 4, 2009

Catwoman Poll #7

Everything was tightly packed last week, with 6 of 10 contestants getting between 2 and 5 votes. But Rachel Weisz was the clear winner, with 25% of the vote. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Uma Thurman tied for second with 15%. Last week's poll is on the bottom of the right sidebar. Now on to this week:

  • Emily Blunt
    You might remember her from: The Devil Wears Prada, Charlie Wilson's War, Dan In Real Life
    She was long rumored for the part of the Black Widow in Iron Man II, but had to drop out due to a scheduling conflict. The Black Widow is a pretty Catwoman-like part, an ass-kicking, skin tight costume-wearing woman who may or may not be a villain, so I assume she can handle the role. But I've only seen her in one movie, Charlie Wilson's War, and I don't even remember her from it. So I can't say for sure that she'd be any good.

  • Cher
    You might remember her from: Moonstruck, that Sonny & Cher variety show, some other movies
    This was the original stupid Catwoman rumor. Please don't vote for her.

  • Jennifer Connelly
    You might remember her from: Hulk (the Eric Bana one), Labyrinth, Career Opporunities, A Beautiful Mind, House of Sand and Fog
    She's a fine actress and a lovely woman, but I wonder if the Hulk kinda turned her off superhero movies. It was kind of a mess, even though it had a lot of talent behind it, and I think that might make me afraid to try it again. Plus I don't recall her ever taking a kind of action-y role, where she'd be kicking ass and jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

  • Marion Cotillard
    You might remember her from: La Vie En Rose, the Taxi series (French movies, not the 70s sitcom), the upcoming Public Enemies
    I have not seen her in a movie at all. She's a lovely woman and all, but I'm not sure. I doubt she'd be able to pass as an American, and I've seen some people flip out at the idea of making Selina Kyle French, but that wouldn't bother me. I'll be basing my opinion of her as Catwoman mostly on Public Enemies (which looks pretty cool).

  • Melissa George
    You might remember her from: Some middle seasons of Alias, The Amityville Horror, 30 Days of Night
    I like her as an actress, and I think she's quite attractive, but I can't imagine her as either Catwoman or Selina Kyle. She just doesn't seem quite right.

  • Maggie Gyllenhaal
    You might remember her from: The Dark Knight, I'd hope.
    The plot of the Dark Knight would make this kinda silly, but that was a rumor floating around for a while.

  • Tricia Helfer
    You might remember her from: Battlestar Galactica, Burn Notice
    She's quite beautiful, but I don't quite see it. Loved her on Battlestar, but she's not very Catwomanish to me.

  • Ali Larter
    You might remember her from: Heroes, Final Destination, Varsity Blues
    She's nice to look at, and maybe it's just that I don't like her character(s) on Heroes, but I don't want her anywhere near a Batman movie.

  • Rhona Mitra (pictured above)
    You might remember her from: Being the original Lara Croft model, The Practice/Boston Legal, Nip/Tuck, Skinwalkers
    She'd make a great B-movie Catwoman, but she's not the kind of actress who can hang with Christian Bale and Gary Oldman and the like.

  • Marley Shelton
    You might remember her from: A bunch of familiar movies on her imdb page, but the only one I actually remember her from is Grindhouse (she was the doctor lady with the series of colored needles)
    She didn't really stand out in any other part in my mind, so I can't imagine I'd really love her as Catoman.

Voting's open over to the right. Only one more group of actresses after this one (which will be pretty weak, just sorta "who's left over," sorry in advance), but vote away on this one.