Monday, October 19, 2009

News & Notes

  • A commenter pointed to this page which has the above image and a URL that claims to be part of viral marketing for Batman 3. It says its located at (at last check a yet-to-be-activated URL -- since I can't verify that it's not full of malware, I'm not going to link to it, proceed at your own risk). Anyway, The Dark Knight viral marketing like was registered by proxy to keep production/marketing company names off of them, while this site is registered to some guy in New Jersey, so I say there's no chance it's legit.

  • MTV's Splash Page says they are making a sequel to the Superman/Batman movie that came out on DVD/BluRay recently. I thought it was ok, but would rather see them do something else, even if not Batman-related. The New Frontier is the best of those they've done so far, and I think they should try something more along those lines again. More than just big name characters and big action sequences, try something that's got a little more meat to the story.

  • And this comic today at made me chuckle. Move your mouse to the area around the top right corner of the comic to reveal a question mark, which you can click for a bonus panel.

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