Tuesday, November 10, 2009

News & Notes

Above, a clever fan-made Riddler poster from millarc (click the image for a larger version if you can't read it).

I was behind on my reading from having just moved, but MTV's Splash Page was super busy with Batman-related stuff over the past couple weeks. They held a poll on which villain should appear in Batman 3, and their readers chose the Riddler. And in an interview with Dane Cook, he said he wants to play the Riddler, which should never happen.

They suggested possible actresses for Catwoman, mostly including names I've mentioned here, but also throwing out Reiko Aylesworth, which is an odd choice. And now they're having a Catwoman casting poll which leaves out both oft-mentioned names (Marion Cotillard) and favorites from this site (Julianne Moore).

And they offered up a preview for the Batgirl #4 comic that comes out tomorrow. Batman fans may enjoy the mutants from The Dark Knight Returns on the cover.

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