Wednesday, July 21, 2010

it's looking like the Riddler

Firstshowing has news that there's a studio casting grid (basically a document listing the roles in an upcoming project) with the Riddler listed. If true, this means the Riddler is the villain. According to the source, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is listed as 'interested.' Again, if true, this does not guarantee that he'll do it. Just that he's a leading candidate.

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Anonymous said...

Id be excited about the Riddler and in the future some revisited format of the Joker. I know its all been said and done but besides Bane being the pure damage match for The Dark Knight the Joker truly is Batmans's darker psyche.

Ok back to the point the Riddler would be awesome, however it would also be a great opportunity to make a "Harley" cameo if this is indeed the next villain of choice. Why? Because of the mental challenges. Harley may play ditz, but remember she is a psychologist.

But honestly and lastly, I WANT HUSH! PERIOD! He would fit lovely into Nolan's creation. Enough said.