Saturday, April 9, 2011

Young Ra's al Ghul

The Hollywood Reporter has a story that this guy, Josh Pence, has been cast in The Dark Knight Rises as a young Ra's al Ghul. This has lead them to speculate that Marion Cotillard's role in the movie will be Talia al Ghul, which would make a lot of sense (but at the time of posting, THR doesn't have Talia's name spelled right (Thalia), so that kinda makes me want to not trust them).

In site-related news, don't expect a giant Ra's al Ghul post like I had for Bane and Catwoman, because hopefully you are already familiar with Ra's from Batman Begins. I will probably do one for Talia if this rumor is confirmed.


disco3 said...

it sounds like there is going to be as many bad guys in The Dark Knight Rises as in Xmen 3.

disco3 said...

The Tracking Board is reporting that TV actor Daniel Sunjata has joined the cast of The Dark Knight Rises. The report was light on the details — only stating that Sunjata is “rumored to play an important character to the story.” Let the speculation begin!

just saw this news on Batman-News.
the report said he is to play some kind of cop but an important character. So he could be Mackenzie Bock or some one similar.
But like you have said before it might just be rubbish.