Friday, May 20, 2011

Official Website Live

The official website for The Dark Knight Rises is now live. Internet detectives put together clues (io9 explains how, vaguely) to get the above picture, which seems to be Tom Hardy as Bane (and I like it).

Also, principal photography has officially started, so there's that too.

Only 14 months to go!


disco3 said...

the offcial website dosen't look as good as yours man, they should just make this one the offcial website.
p.s. I like the Bane picture aswell I new he would bulk up big for it, plus he just after shooting a film where he is a cage fighter so he's probally already in the zone for playing this part.
can't wait to see the catwoman picture.

diorentein said...

awesome!. .i like this site,.i'm a fan of watching the dark knight rises..

erte said...

Thanks for sharing the article!! I like batsman movies and Actuary, Bane, Big top are my favorite movies. I am big fan of Burgess Meredith. He is one of the most popular batman villains.