Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crazy Quilt

Crazy Quilt is a former painter who is blinded in an accident, but regains his sight with the help of a scientist. Wearing a high tech helmet with cameras wired directly into his brain, he sees better than before... a little too well. The intensity of the colors he sees drive him insane, and he puts on some kind of amazing technicolor dreamcoat costume and uses his helmet, which appears to shoot lasers and hypnotic multicolored beams of light to aid him in his villainy. Pretty lame, but I actually think that's a cool cover (Detective Comics #535, art by Gene Conlan, I think?).

Pros: There isn't much bright color in these Batman movies. So Crazy Quilt would be a change of pace. If that's even a good thing, I don't know.

Cons: Naming yourself after a quilt doesn't really strike fear in your enemies.

How I'd do it: At most, I might have Batman walk past a cell in Arkham where a lunatic is sewing together brightly colored patches of cloth and talking to himself.

Casting Guesses: John C. Reilly? I just don't think you can play Crazy Quilt if not for laughs.

Verdict: Ain't gonna happen. Relatively speaking, I don't hate my idea for a Crazy Quilt cameo, but I don't think he's well known enough to even include as a wink to the fans.


Mauricem said...

I was searching for more info after he appeared on "the Brave and The Bold". You make some good points, but you're right. He'd never make the cut. On the other hand, he did do Scarecrow...

Anonymous said...

I think it would be kind of cool to see Crazy Quilt in a Batman movie, no matter how brief of an appearance. He might be hard to cast though.