Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Trigger Twins

Tad and Tom bump into each other in a bank, both attempting to rob it at the same time. They come to the conclusion that they must be twins separated at birth, because they look exactly alike, and walk, talk, and shoot like bandits straight out of an old western. They head to Gotham together and work for a mobster, who nicknames them the Trigger Twins after some comics he read as a kid. Tad and Tom appeared in the unquestionably popular and memorable (but not very good, in my opinion) Knightfall storyline, and got their asses kicked by a monstrous, non-Bruce Wayne version of Batman while trying to rob a subway money train.

Pros: Knightfall was popular, so for minor villains, a lot of fans will remember them.

Cons: I like a good western, but two dudes with ten gallon hats and six guns running around shouting "yee-ha!" while they rob a Gotham Bank seems a little out of place.

How I'd do it: I want to say I'd ditch the Trigger name and the cowboy theme, but if you do that, no one would recognize them as the Trigger Twins.

Casting Guesses: Nathan Fillion and Thomas Jane. I don't know about twins, but they could pass for brothers. That's a lot of talent to waste on two crappy parts though.

Verdict: The Trigger Twins might say "in a pig's eye," or at least I think that means no way.


Robot Devil said...

congrats on writing that without a Brokeback Mountain joke

Bill said...

Gay cowboy jokes are just fine, but gay incestuous cowboys? That's over the line.

Novak said...

Ditch the Cowboy theme and they could be henchmen to whoever the big villian turns out to be. Oh and to play them have Jason Lee and Ryan Reynalds. They look enough alike to be considered twins. Err.. well, brothers at least. Perhaps have them as brothers but still called the Trigger Twins:

Main villain: "I'll send the Trigger Twins to deal with him"

One of the "Twins": "We're just brothers. I'm six years older... and a fucking demon"

Sneaky Dogma quote ftw!