Friday, August 29, 2008


Aaron Helzinger had some serious anger management issues, so a doctor removed his amygdala, a part of the brain that controls emotional responses. But the surgery resulted in him becoming easily manipulated, and just as prone to fits of rage. Until somewhat recently, when he became largely cured and an ally of Dick Grayson, nearly every one of Amygdala's appearances have involved another villain convincing Amygdala to attack Batman.

Pros: A medical treatment gone awry could work in the movie universe, realism-wise, and Batman really hasn't dealt with an opponent who was purely a physical threat yet.

Cons: He's kind of a poor man's Hulk. Childlike mind, anger issues, freakishly strong (though I've never been clear how strong Amygdala is, relative to Bane or Killer Croc or anything). And you certainly can't have a whole movie based around him as the villain, since he's just a strong, not very bright guy.

How I'd do it: You'd have to have another villain calling the shots.

Casting Guesses: Some huge wrestler? I have no idea. Or Dalip Sing, the huge guy from Get Smart and The Longest Yard remake, who I just learned is also a wrestler.

Verdict: I'm tempted to say no chance, but he's the kind of guy who could get a tiny background appearance like Zsasz had in the first movie.


J Kempf said...

I would like to see Count Vertigo.

Bill said...

Hmm Count Vertigo would be interesting, but I think he's more of a Green Arrow villain, isn't he? Or he might end up in a Suicide Squad movie.

J Kempf said...

He still went toe to toe with Batman a number of times. Plus, I could see a really good Hitchcock-esque Batman movie involving him.

Anonymous said...

Anything you can achieve with Amygdala you can do better with any other Batman villain.