Tuesday, September 2, 2008

News & Notes

The Riddler poll is closed. Guy Pearce got 17% of the vote, David Tennant 27%, and Johny Depp 41%.

Speaking of Mr. Depp, he said in an interview that no one had contacted him about the part, but it sounded like "a fun gig." Skip to 3:40 in the youtube video on that page for the Riddler parts.

The other piece of news is almost certainly fake, since it includes a pretty detailed summary of plot points and characters (Talia al Ghul, Riddler, and Black Mask), even though I don't think anyone's even writing a script or a treatment or anything yet. Plus it's not on a very professional looking site. But whoever wrote it claims to have "inside information." And I've been linking to whatever rumors I find, no matter how certain I am that they're fake, so this gets a link too.

And there's a new poll up, this time featuring assassins.

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