Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Noah Kuttler built an awesome suit with a calculator keypad on his chest. Punching a few buttons allowed the big light mounted on his head to do cool Green Lantern type things, making solid objects out of light. This qualified him as one of the goofiest villains ever, alongside guys like Crazy Quilt.

But a few years ago, Calculator was reinvented. The calculator keypad, head lamp thing, and general gimmickry are all gone, and instead Calculator is a computer genius, hacker, and information broker to all the supervillains. The anti-Oracle.

Pros: Someone evil might need some hard to find piece of information, and it would make perfect sense for him to ask Kuttler.

Cons: The Calculator suit version can't work for obvious reasons. And he can't really be the anti-Oracle because there aren't enough supervillains in the movie universe to need their own Oracle.

How I'd do it: Either just a cameo finding information for someone, or he could be Oracle to the Gotham City mob. Providing, for a price, up to the minute information on where Batman is, and allowing them to pull the kinds of crimes I think I read in Brian Michael Bendis' Daredevil, where they would have one group of criminals commit some noisy high profile crime to get Batman's attention on one side of the city, then shortly after, start a more discreet, but more profitable job.

Casting Guesses: The current Noah Kuttler is kind of a sleazy nerd, and I can't help but think he'd be played for some laughs if he was the Oracle of organized crime. So Joel Moore is the first name that comes to mind, but I'm sure there are others who could be just as good.

Verdict: Not likely to be a featured villain, but he could pop up in a supporting role or in a cameo.


Anonymous said...

Well, you could say that the Calculator was in The Dark Knight. Lau was very good with numbers.

Anonymous said...

I actually really like the idea of the Calculator. I think he could be a big-time computer hacker who is a secondary villain to someone else. He could go head to head with Lucius Fox or something. As for casting, I think Nathan Fillion would be a good fit.