Wednesday, October 15, 2008

News & Notes

From around the web:
  • First rumor in a while: former Lara Croft model Rhona Mitra as Catwoman. Total speculation, I doubt there's anything to it. She looks right for the part, but the last role I saw her in she was kind of average as an actress, and it'd be easy to vanish surrounded by the kind of acting talent these Batman movies have. And Selina Kyle is the type to only vanish when she's being chased by big guys with guns (or batarangs).

  • Den of Geek has 10 fan-made trailers for Batman 3. The quality doesn't measure up to the fan-made posters out there, but they're still interesting. I thought this was the best:

  • And speaking of those posters, MTV asked Kristen Bell about this Harley Quinn one:

    I still don't really see a good way to put Harley in the movie without the Joker, but after seeing that, if they do cast Harley and it's not Kristen Bell, I'll be pretty upset.

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