Tuesday, January 6, 2009

News & Notes

  • The Producers Guild of America announced their award nominations and included The Dark Knight in the best picture category. Congratulations, of course, to everyone involved, but apparently the PGA awards are considered a good predictor of who will get best picture Oscar nominations (hence the image above), so that's pretty exciting.

  • Watchmen/300 director Zack Snyder says he wants to make a film version of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns:
    That’s really my favorite comic book. However, the studio has this massive franchise and I don’t think they’ll let me make a Batman movie where he’s 50 years old and Ronald Reagan is president.
    A DKR movie done right could be great, but I agree with his assessment of the hurdles involved. And I'd add that Superman's involvement in the story could be tricky, something I talked about when discussing the Man of Steel here. The rest of the interview with Snyder is all about Watchmen, but you can read it here if you're interested.

  • And apparently Wayne Enterprises is feeling the economy so bad, Batman's out looking for work as a voice over actor:

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