Friday, January 30, 2009

News & Notes

From the same artist as the Deathstroke one the other day, this is Anarky, who I could have sworn I did a post about, but apparently I didn't. Here's Anarky on wikipedia, and he won't be in the next movie since his motives are too similar to the Joker in the Dark Knight and because he's a pretty blatant ripoff of V from V for Vendetta. But it's a cool poster.
  • A source IESB apparently trusts claims that Batman 3 is already being written by David Goyer, Jonathan Nolan, and Christopher Nolan. They tried to confirm with a producer, who artfully dodged the question.

  • Obsessed With Film will be recording their own commentary track for the Dark Knight DVD, and is wants you to submit questions to improve the commentary and/or fill time when they can't think of anything else to say. They're aiming to do it Saturday night, and hopefully I'll remember to link it when it's up.

  • Apparently the FDA is advising against taking a supplement called "Venom," and this blogger is surprised people took it in the first place, what with the name that means poison. But he suggests that it might've been named in honor of a certain Batman villain.

  • Springfield Punx Simpsons-ized more Batman, this time from Batman Returns.

  • This video, saved from mediocrity by a few great Alfred moments, shows us that while Batman is a man of many talents, playing himself in a fighting game is not one of them:

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