Thursday, February 12, 2009

News & Notes

Wanderingbert on flickr still has The Batman Villain Project going, and he did a nice Cavalier that I thought was worth sharing. There are actually two relatively newsworthy news items today:
  • Christopher Nolan's next film is not Batman-related, it's Inception, described as "a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind" and written by Nolan himself. This is not unexpected, remember that it took three years between Batman Begins and the Dark Knight, with Nolan-directed The Prestige in between. Like all the Batman movies, Inception is a Warner Bros. production, and I suspect they're happy to give him whatever he wants in the hopes that he'll make Batman 3.

  • MTV, who seem to ask everyone about playing a Batman villain, spoke to Paul Giamatti about playing the Penguin (but did not ask him about playing the Ventriloquist, which he would also be good for):


Greenlite said...

I thought he's doing Prison Break?

Bill said...

Like the TV show? I think that's pretty much done (there are episodes left to air, but it's the last season, and ought to be close to finished filming).

And as far as I know, Nolan (or Giamatti, if that's who you meant) isn't involved with that or any other project by that name.