Friday, February 13, 2009

News & Notes

Another Riddler poster, this one from jamce.
  • The Ultimate Joker, a site with a petition to not recast the Joker ever, has been getting a lot of attention the past day or so. I completely agree with the idea that no one should be playing a live-action Joker anytime soon, but given enough time, I don't see why it'd be a bad idea. It was about 20 years between Cesar Romero's Joker in the Adam West Batman movie and Jack Nicholson in the Michael Keaton one, and another 20 between Nicholson and Ledger, so that seems about right.

  • We haven't had a stupid rumor in a while, but thank goodness for the Daily Star. As I mentioned earlier this week, Batwoman, who happens to be a lesbian, is set to return in the pages of Detective Comics soon. She is one of many gay superheroes and was introduced almost 3 years ago. But today, the media latched onto this story, ignoring those two facts, mixing in some ridiculous headlines, and mostly just getting excited over a "hot lesbian" version of Batman (Robot 6 has a nice rundown of the coverage). But the Daily Star tops the others with a made up casting rumor:
    And lady-loving redhead Lindsay Lohan is already being tipped to play Batwoman on the big screen.
    Note that this article is and relies on "a Hollywood source" for all the parts about Lindsey Lohan. Apparently this source thought that potentially damaging a billion dollar property like Batman by giving the role of a secondary character someone who did not appear in a movie in 2008 (and was in 3 movies no one saw in 2007) and seems to have changed careers to professional tabloid headline generator. So anyway, not gonna happen. And yet I visited the page and I'm linking to it, rewarding their stupidity. Now I hate myself, too.

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