Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Casting Catwoman

I've mentioned Catwoman casting more than once, and even had a poll a while back (wasn't very conclusive though, "someone else" was the winner). So I decided to try to come up with a list of every name I've heard associated with the role in order to start a series of polls to come up with your favorite(s).

A few notes:
  • The majority of these aren't even rumors, just someone on a website somewhere said they thought she should play Catwoman.

  • I don't in any way endorse these selections, in fact I think about half of them were suggested by guys (or girls) with a crush on an actress with no regard for how she'd be as Catwoman

  • If your favorite isn't listed, please leave a comment so she can be included in the polling!

  • Names are linked to their imdb pages, cause I had no idea who some of these women were.

  • Forgive any typos, this is a really long list. If I do this for other characters, it should be shorter.

Alexandra Maria Lara
Ali Larter
Alicia Keys
Amy Adams
Angelina Jolie
Anne Hathaway
Asia Argento
Audrey Tautou
Beyonce Knowles
Carla Gugino
Cate Blanchett
Charlize Theron
Claire Danes
Connie Nielsen
Diane Kruger
Drew Barrymore
Elisha Cuthbert
Eliza Dushku
Elizabeth Banks
Emily Blunt
Emily Deschanel
Emma Thompson
Eva Green
Evangeline Lilly
Gemma Arterton
Grace Park
Gretchen Mol
Halle Berry
Hillary Swank
Jaime King
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jessica Alba
Jessica Biel
Julianne Moore
Kate Beckinsale
Kate Winslet
Keira Knightley
Kelly Hu
Keri Russell
Liv Tyler
Lucy Liu
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Marion Cotillard
Marley Shelton
Megan Fox
Melissa George
Michelle Monaghan
Missy Peregrym
Natalie Portman
Olivia Wilde
Queen Latifah
Rachel Blanchard
Rachel McAdams
Rachel Nichols
Rachel Weisz
Rebecca Romijn
Reese Witherspoon
Rhona Mitra
Rosario Dawson
Rose McGowan
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Scarlett Johansson
Shalom Harlow
Shannen Doherty
Shannyn Sossamon
Shirley Manson
Sienna Guillory
Sienna Miller
Thandie Newton
Tilda Swinton
Tricia Helfer
Uma Thurman
Ziyi Zhang
Zooey Deschanel


Greenlite said...

Zhang Zi Yi (The Secret Life of Geisha) since Bruce Wayne seem to have a connection with Hong Kong people in both films.

Other names that popped out in my head: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Shanon Doherty, Queen Lafita (haha!), Drew Barrymore

Anonymous said...

EMMA THOMPSON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill said...

Zhang Ziyi's already on there as Ziyi Zhang (she seems to be credited as that more these days), but I'll add the rest (you guys are nuts).