Tuesday, March 3, 2009

News & Notes

Evangeline Lilly is photoshopped into a Catwoman suit by Adenjo in the above poster, which got me thinking of a new thing to do. Sometime soon, and starting with Catwoman (since she's got the biggest list by far), I'm going to start posting lists of every actor I've found suggested anywhere for a villain role and bring back the polls. I did run a Catwoman poll a long time ago, but "someone else" beat out all the actresses I had listed. I've got over 50 names right now for Catwoman, so that'll have to be split into multiple polls, which I'll let run for a while. I'm happy to accept your ideas to add to the list too, so leave a comment if you've got someone in mind. Anyway, a little bit of news today:
  • Scott Mendelson, while making fun of a weird airbrushing job on a magazine cover of the naturally lovely Anne Hathaway, is hoping to start a rumor that she's going to play Harley Quinn.

  • Former Batman and Catwoman comic writer Ed Brubaker (and current writer of Daredevil, Captain America, Criminal, and Incognito) is writing a live action web series called Angel of Death, starring Zoe Bell (from the Death Proof segment of Grindhouse). An episode is coming out apparently every day for a while, and the first two have been pretty fun. Just to note, it has some R-rated language and violence, but so far it's pretty good. Click here to watch.

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