Wednesday, April 22, 2009

News & Notes

Had to go out of town for a while, but that just means there's more links to put up today. I haven't really caught up on everything, so tomorrow might have a lot too.

  • Batman turned 70 on Saturday, Detective Comics #27 debuted on April 18th, 1939.

  • Comic Book Legends Revealed discusses the origins of Bruce Wayne's name (scroll down to about the halfway point for the Bruce Wayne part):
    Reader Connor wrote in recently referring to an installment of Comic Book Legends Revealed from a looong time ago, #21, to be precise, which discussed where Superman got his secret identity from. As you might know from reading that legend, Siegel got the name Clark Kent from the actors Clark Gable and Kent Taylor.

    That was a common enough naming practice for characters, take one name from two different people and viola, there’s your name!

    Barry Allen, for instance, was named after Barry Gray and Steve Allen.

  • The upcoming Arkham Asylum videogame has a new character profile, this time of Harley Quinn, and I agree with Topless Robot that Harley is unusually sexed up

  • Io9 points to DC's new Wednesday Comics feature which will include a Batman story by the 100 Bullets creative team.

  • Some guy or girl on livejournal made a Batman 3 fantasy cast

  • And the Onion Radio News reports on the state of Wayne Industries:

Still a couple days left in the Catwoman poll over there to the right, so get those votes in.

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