Thursday, April 23, 2009

News & Notes

  • Strangely, the paperback collection of Huntress: Year One was the 10th best selling book on on Monday. MTVs Splash Page discusses some possible reasons, including a possible connection to future movie plans. I happen to think The Huntress can be a pretty interesting character at times, but Huntress Year One was kind of a disaster (massive spoilers, but comics should be good has a look at a particularly bad passage from the end of the series). And I also don't think the character would work all that well in a movie. She's a lot to introduce into a Batman movie (which would need to spend time on Batman's issues after The Dark Knight, as well as set up at least one new villain), and she doesn't work that well on her own. She worked just fine in the Birds of Prey, but from Hollywood's perspective I assume that title's damaged goods after the short-lived TV series.

  • Living Between Wednesdays looks at some obscure Batman villains.

  • And Springfield Punx does Batman villains yet again, this time three different versions of the Riddler.

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