Saturday, December 12, 2009

News & Notes

Pirate Batman (above) is among the odd things promised by Grant Morrison in next year's Return of Bruce Wayne, which will return the comic version of Batman from the "dead."

Morgan Freeman has a gut feeling that Christopher Nolan will be back for a third Batman film. And he thinks Catwoman should be involved.

Matt Damon was considered for the role of Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight. Scheduling conflicts made it a non-issue before there was any real discussion. It's interesting to think about, but as Damon points out, "Aaron [Eckhart] is a great actor, so the movie didn't suffer for it...."

And to link to MTV's Splash Page (a really good source for comic movie news) three times in a row, Danny De Vito looks back on making Batman Returns.

A robot dinosaur has been stolen from a museum in Mexico. Word on the street is that it was smuggled into some rich guy's basement.

And here's a great advertisement:

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