Monday, December 14, 2009

Casting the Riddler

A while back, I did a giant list of possible actresses for Catwoman, and a series of polls eventually leading to you guys picking Julianne Moore for the part. And a recent post on MTV's Spash Page reminded me that I've been meaning to do one for the Riddler for a long time.

So the first step is to hunt down every name I can find associated with the Riddler for a future Batman movie. Please remember that this is not a list of my suggestions, because I happen to think some of these are downright awful. And if there are any names you think should be on the list, let me know in the comments.

Updated the list with updates from the comments (though I trimmed some off of Commissioner Gordon's list at the bottom of this post because the polls would never end with that many actors, and, no offense, Harrison Ford would be awful):

Casey Affleck
Eric Bana
Paul Bettany
Steve Carell
Jim Carrey
Macaulay Culkin
Paul Dano
Willem Dafoe
Matt Damon
Jeremy Davies
Johnny Depp
Michael Emerson
Lee Evans
Michael Fassbender
James Franco
Brendan Fraser
Crispin Glover
Jeff Goldblum
Jake Gyllenhaal
Brian Austin Green
Jackie Earle Haley
Michael C. Hall
Neil Patrick Harris
Hugh Laurie
Jude Law
Denis Leary
Damian Lewis
Daniel Day Lewis
Vincent Kartheiser
Tobey Maguire
James McAvoy
Ewan McGregor
Viggo Mortensen
Eddie Murphy
Edward Norton
Jim Parsons
Guy Pearce
Sean Penn
Lance Reddick
Andy Serkis
Kevin Spacey
David Tennant
Christopher Walken
Elijah Wood

I'll try to put up a poll of the first set in about a week. And again, let me know if you have any other suggestions.


thethinkingphrase said...

Dennis Leary? Oh god no.

I think that Michael Emerson is a good shout. He could make the Riddler creepy and still keep him eccentric.

I also think David Tennant would be a good choice too. There's something I like about the idea of the Riddler being British.

Keeping with the British thing, I'd like to see British Comedian Lee Evans in the role. He has the look and the eccentricity, and he can act as he's shown on numerous occasions.

Personally, I think that the best person to play the Riddler would have been Tim Curry in the 70s. Just look at him:

Greenlite said...

Personally I'd pick Edward Norton, just to piss Marvel off by killing the Hulk and Avengers

Other names I'm interested to see are

Jake Gyllenhaal
Sean Penn
Matt Damon
Eric Bana
James Franco
Steve Carrol
The guy who plays "House"

Anonymous said...

Ed Norton, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Lance Reddick from "The Wire". A bit unconvential, but he'd be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Damian Lewis.

Bill said...

Greenlite: The guy who plays House is Hugh Laurie, and he's already on the list.