Sunday, December 20, 2009

Riddler Poll #1

Here's the first of many Riddler polls. I decided to make them smaller than the Catwoman polls, because although the field is a little smaller, there are two totally different ways to approach the Riddler. He could be completely manic, like Frank Gorshin and Jim Carrey played him, or a calculated intellectual (and coward) more like how he was portrayed in the animated series from the 1990s or recently in comics. So reducing the field reduces the chance that your favorite manic Riddler actor will be up against your favorite intelligent one. The entire field, with submissions from the comments recently added, is here, and here are the first contestants:

  • Michael C. Hall
    You may know him from: Dexter, Six Feet Under

    His character on Dexter is a sociopath whose unnerving coldness while doing horrific things has earned him a lot of fans. That kind of thing could completely work for The Riddler.

  • Denis Leary
    You may know him from: Stand-up comedy, Rescue Me, The Ref

    I forget where I saw it, but jotted his name down even though he's a terrible choice. I like him a lot as an actor, just not for this part at all.

  • Daniel Day Lewis
    You may know him from: Gangs of New York, There Will Be Blood, My Left Foot, Last of the Mohicans In The Name Of The Father

    He is sometimes incredible, but sometimes overacts ridiculously, so much so that it won't even work in a comic book movie. Not that it matters, because I can't imagine him ever wanting to be in a Batman movie anyway.

  • David Tennant (pictured)
    You may know him from: Dr. Who, and what looks like a bunch of other UK TV series

    I don't watch Dr. Who, so I'm not familiar with his work. He's a pretty popular choice among fans, though, and has expressed interest in the part. But from what I can tell, he almost certainly would go the Gorshin/Carrey route.

  • Christopher Walken
    You may know him from: The Dead Zone, Saturday Night Live appearances, Pulp Fiction, too many other roles to list

    He's eccentric and can be unnerving when he's not playing it for laughs, but I can't imagine a Riddler who's pushing 70 years old.

The poll should be up within a minute, and will close in a week. Depending on my free time over the holidays, I may get another poll up next week, but it might be longer.


John said...

If anyone actually is true to the character of The Riddler it would be Johnny Depp. He has the charisma, the darkness, and the sense of mystery that everyone knows the Riddler has. Johnny Depp is the only one that can play The Riddler.

Bill said...

Don't worry, Johnny Depp will be in one of these polls soon.

Batman Fan said...

I must agree....Johnny Depp is the right actor for The Ridller. Most definitely has all the qualities needed.

Anonymous said...

This is a bit old, but David Tennant is a more diverse actor than you make him out to be. Sure, looking at Doctor Who, he would be a psycho "Batman Forever" type riddler, but if you've see him in Hamlet or Secret Smile (One of his few villain roles, in which he is simultaneously charming, endearing, manipulative, and creeptastically evil) you'd know he can pull off either.