Monday, January 18, 2010

Riddler Poll #2

The first poll finished a while back, and Michael C. Hall ran away with it. David Tennant was a distant second. This week, five more:

  • Casey Affleck
    You might know him from: Gone Baby Gone, the Ocean's Eleven series
    In my opinion, a much better actor than his brother, so don't hold Daredevil against this guy. He was really impressive in Gone Baby Gone, which is the main reason I can see him as the Riddler. He would be a contemplative, cerebral Riddler, and not the Jim Carrey/Frank Gorshin type.

  • Eric Bana
    You might know him from: The Hulk, Munich, Star Trek
    I never saw what the big deal was about him, but I recently saw Chopper, and he was amazing in it. That said, I don't think he's a great fit for the Riddler. He's a big guy, and no matter what incarnation of the Riddler, he's not physically imposing.

  • Michael Fassbender
    You might know him from: Inglourious Basterds, 300, Band of Brothers
    I barely remember this guy from any of his movies. Seeing his picture, I guess he looks ok-ish for the part. But he wouldn't be one of my top choices.

  • Tobey Maguire
    You might know him from: Spider-Man, some other stuff
    I might be a terrible person, but in the first Spider-Man, when (spoiler alert) Uncle Ben was dying and he started crying, I laughed. I didn't find the scene believable, and he seemed more like a kid crying because of some perceived high school slight than someone seeing a loved one die. The point being, I'm not a fan. Many people disagree with me, so go ahead and vote for him if you want.

  • Andy Serkis
    You might know him from: The Lord of the Rings
    He was great as Gollum, which inspired some kind of crazy geek adoration that make them suggest him for every part. Which is fine, but I don't know if I've ever seen him like actually physically there in a movie. Not a great resume for the main villain in a huge movie.

This poll will be open for a week, hopefully the third one will be along more promptly than this one. Also, finding images for the Riddler isn't nearly as fun as Catwoman, but boy is that Eric Bana dreamy.

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Anonymous said...

Andy Serkis was great in The Prestige, which happens to be directed by Nolan himself. It's a shame that hasn't been in many other bigger dramatic roles.