Sunday, January 31, 2010

Riddler Poll #3

Casey Affleck dominated the second poll, with three other candidates getting 2 votes a piece. And somewhat late, here are the candidates for the third round:
  • Jeremy Davies
    You might know him from: Saving Private Ryan (Upham), Lost (Faraday)
    I can't see Davies, who's a pretty good actor, as the Riddler, just because he has a sympathetic quality. Even the version of Riddler in the comics now, a private detective who's given up crime entirely, is not the least bit likable. And there's just something about Jeremy Davies' face that makes him seem vulnerable and friendly.

  • Brian Austin Green
    You might know him from: Beverly Hills: 90210, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
    This is one of the few guys on the list who has publicly expressed interest in the role. And I may be alone in this, but I thought he was actually the best part of The Sarah Connor Chronicles towards the end of the show (well either him, or the incredibly hot Stephanie Jacobsen. And I hear he was ok as Metallo on Smallville, too. But he's still Brian Austin Green from 90210, so there's no way a studio signs off on him in a major part. People would hear he was in it and think the movie was a joke. The lesson here is that things like this will haunt you for the rest of your life.

  • Jackie Earle Haley
    You might know him from: The Bad News Bears, Watchmen (Rorschach), Human Target
    He was great in Watchmen, and since then he's been a fan-favorite candidate for all kinds of comic book roles, most notably Sinestro in Green Lantern (who should totally be played by Hugh Laurie from House, but that's not important here). A month ago I'd have said he was all wrong for this part, but his character on Human Target isn't too far off the Riddler, and he gives the most interesting performance on the show. I'm still not sold on him, but he wouldn't be a disaster.

  • Vincent Kartheiser
    You might know him from: Mad Men, Angel (he was Angel's son)
    One of the aspects of the Riddler is that he's usually pretty weaselly. He's a genius, but clearly not Batman's equal in a fight, so once the dark knight's jumped through his intellectual hoops, Riddler is quick to run, hide, or anything else cowardly he can do. That's an aspect Kartheiser can capture perfectly, based on his Pete Campbell character on Mad Men, and probably exactly why he was suggested. I'm not 100% sold on his ability to play the wicked and cunning aspects Riddler, though.

  • Lance Reddick (pictured)
    You might know him from: The Wire, Fringe, and he was briefly on Lost
    Reddick is mostly memorable for his almost disturbing eyes and intense voice. Both of which would be great for the Riddler. Eddie Nygma has, as far as I know, never been portrayed as black, so that might be jarring to some fans, but I think he'd be an excellent choice.

If I had photoshop skills, I'd have made Reddick's jacket and tie green in the photo above, and I think it'd look pretty classy. Voting closes in a week.

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