Tuesday, February 9, 2010

News & Notes

  • Buried in the news that Christopher Nolan will be involved in a reboot of the Superman franchise is this:
    This does not in any way replace the third installment of Nolan’s Batman movies, which his brother Jonah Nolan and just-left-FlashForward David Goyer, are working on right now.
    Goyer co-wrote Batman Begins and received a story credit for The Dark Knight, but had been serving as showrunner on the ABC series FlashForward (which started off interesting but got boring quickly, IMO). He recently stepped down citing the "ramping up" of work on movies. So even though we're still without official confirmation, it really seems like Christopher Nolan will be back.

  • Morgan Freeman expects a third Batman movie shortly, if only because of the billions the studio would stand to make.

  • MTV's Splash Page has some suggestions for actresses should DC ever include Zatanna in one of their movies (don't bother with the video, btw, it's terrible). I can't imagine Zatanna in a Batman movie any time soon, though she has been an occasional love interest for Bruce Wayne, just because the character would involve the wackier aspects of Batman mythology.

  • Comic writer Kurt Busiek writes a thoughtful piece on why Batman isn't a green lantern, more from a writer's point of view than an elaborate in-universe explanation.

  • The Hurting lists the 5 worst Batman villains, surely in an effort to irritate me by picking some of my favorites.

  • I don't know what you call this thing, it's sort of like a motorcycle rickshaw, but whatever it is, this Cambodian guy has made it awesome.

  • DC's The Source Blog has been showing preview images of The Return of Bruce Wayne like the Pilgrim Batman one above. See here and here for more.

Expect another Riddler poll soon.

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