Thursday, February 11, 2010

Riddler Poll #4

Last week's poll was the first one that was actually close, with Lance Reddick edging out Jackie Earle Haley by a single vote. Here are this week's actors:

  • Steve Carell
    You might know him from: The Office, The Daily Show, The 40 Year Old Virgin

    He's a very funny man who should never play the Riddler.

  • Johnny Depp
    You might know him from: 21 Jump Street, Nick of Time, The Astronaut's Wife

    Obviously he's a really good actor, and one of the most popular choices. I suspect that if the Riddler is in the next movie, and Depp wants to do it, there'd be tremendous pressure to cast him, even if Nolan and company want someone else.

  • Lee Evans (pictured)
    You might know him from: He's a comedian, but I know him as the guy on crutches from There's Something About Mary, and the timid guy from The Fifth Element

    If you remember him in The Fifth Element, you know he can capture the cowardly aspects of the character. I can see him playing an intellectual, slightly goofy Riddler, somewhere in between Frank Gorshin and the John Glover version from Batman: The Animated Series. However, he is basically an unknown to American audiences, and I'm not sure it's very likely that his name would even come up in casting discussions.

  • James Franco
    You might know him from: Spider-Man, Freaks and Geeks, Pineapple Express

    He looks stoned all the time, and seems to be making unusual career choices lately (General Hospital), but I still like him as an actor. However, he has absolutely none of the qualities I'd expect for the part.

  • Jeff Goldblum
    You might know him from: The Fly, Independence Day, Jurassic Park, or as the voice of Troy McClure's agent in that Simpsons episode with the Planet of the Apes musical

    I like Jeff Goldblum, but too often he just plays Jeff Goldblum, especially as he's gotten older. Which is fine, I think he can have a nice career playing a quirky, unusual guy with a wink. But that's not how I see the Riddler at all.

Voting will be open for a week.

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