Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Dark Knight Rises

That's your title right there. The LA Times blog Hero Complex has a teaser for an upcoming interview where Christopher Nolan reveals three big pieces of information:

  • The Riddler is not in the film (despite me declaring, a few posts ago, that it was looking like the Riddler was sure to be the villain).
  • Warner Bros. has agreed to let him make the film not 3D (good news for people like me and Roger Ebert that hate 3D).
  • And, as mentioned above, The Dark Knight Rises is your title.

He implies that we'll see new characters (see below) and also more of the characters we've seen in the previous movies. Obviously, Bruce, Alfred, Lucius Fox, and Jim Gordon can be expected to return, but will the Scarecrow pop up again? Are Harvey Dent and Ra's al-Ghul really dead? Time will tell.

There are also rumors that casting for a female lead has begun. People will obviously freak out about Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy (and maybe Talia al-Ghul, but maybe that's just me), but there's no reason to assume they're casting a villain. There are a lot of women in Bruce Wayne's life. So again, time will tell.


Anonymous said...

crispin glover as the joker .,
with gotham city thugs ,..,
johnny depp as the riddler, yes,
and with halle berry as catwoman i want her to be big breasted in her whole costume in the dark knight rises movie, and with tim booth as victor zzaszz, in the movie, and with aaron eckhart as two face and with katie holmes as harley quinn, in the movie,

Anonymous said...

There are a few problems with that - given The Joker and the Riddler won't be returning, Halle Berry will definitely not be Catwoman, and Katie Holmes' character was both recast and killed off.

Tom Hardy will likely play Black Mask, though he'd make a good Hush as well. While I'm hoping Catwoman or Talia show up, I doubt it'll happen.