Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Maybe not Joseph Gordon-Levitt? And maybe Killer Croc?

Tom Hardy, who you may remember as the clone of Picard from the terrible Star Trek: Nemesis but hopefully remember as the forger from the not-at-all-terrible Inception, is reportedly taking on a major role in Batman 3. No word on who he'll be playing or if it's a villain, but everyone is jumping to the conclusion that he'll play the Riddler. I'm not sure about that.

Earlier rumors about Joseph Gordon-Levitt were based on some word that an Inception cast member would be following Christopher Nolan to the next Batman movie. So it sounds like Joseph-Gordon Levitt is out and Tom Hardy is in.

I've been lazy about posting here lately, but there's also been word that Mark Millar, shameless self-promoter/comic book writer/person often later found out to be wrong, claims to know who the villains are and that one is one of his favorites. Word of some filming in New Orleans combined with Millar's preference for things big and dumb would point to Killer Croc. But who knows.

None of this is concrete, but I'd say Tom Hardy being in the movie is very likely at this point. Joseph Gordon-Levitt could be involved or not, Killer Croc could be the main villain or a minor villain or not in it at all.

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