Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anne Hathaway is Catwoman, Tom Hardy is Bane

This is not a rumor.

Bane is an interesting choice. Well known to comics fans, but barely known by everyone else, he was the main villain in a major crossover Batman event in the 1990s, then no one seemed to know what to do with him after that, until very recently when Gail Simone's Secret Six found a home for him.

Catwoman is, of course, one of the most iconic characters out there.

Anne Hathaway is a fairly safe choice for Catwoman, since she fits the bill of a sexy brunette. Tom Hardy is strange for Bane, since he is neither Hispanic, nor a hulking wrestler type, so that might imply a pretty different take on the character.

This is very exciting.


disco3 said...

just read the news from empire this sounds class man. If you don't think Hardy is the big wrestler type you should see "Bronson" unreal and he kicks ass. but I agree he will probally be more like he was when he first appeared in the comics. not just a tough guy but also smart. I think Bane may have a cunning plan to take over Gotham.

Bill said...

I am hesitant about Bane (and will check out Bronson), but I totally give Nolan and company the benefit of the doubt after two excellent movies.

disco3 said...

ya Bill man you have to see "Bronson" its very good and the character Hardy plays, Bronson could almost be a Batman badguy.
I'm more worried about catwoman actually, which way Nolan will play her and will she team up with Bane. But like you say I would never question the batman gosbel according to Nolan the guy is a Legend. I think Hathaway will be unreal as catwoman aswell. Does this mean there is no Vicki Vale so I wonder. If they play catwoman as a love interest aswel it probally does. I'd like to see Vicki Vale in the film.

Malcolm said...

I hope this doesn't mean you're done with this website!

Also, I wonder if they'll incorporate the fact that Bane knows Batman's secret identity?

...Bronson is an amazing film by the way

Bill said...

Not done yet, Malcolm. I have some ideas for at least a little while longer. I expect to post from time to time up through the release of the movie.

disco3 said...

ya Bill, I was reading Bale's interview(for The Fighter can't wait to see it, its not out in Ireland for two weeks but trailers look unreal) in Empire and he was letting on that there would almost definately be a fourth film.
so you might just have too update the website, I'm with Malcolm don't close it down man.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Hardy will be able to portray Bane accurately enough? This mental fight will be done well, but Bane is supposed to be the perfect physical being as well. Have a lot of confidence with Nolan, but in two minds about this decision to be honest.

disco3 said...

Hardy is a serious actor I think that it will depend on how Nolan wants Bane protrayed. Hardy is well capible of playing both sides of Bane not just the mental side but also the physical side. I know in Inception he may Have Looked like a normal sized guy but he is well able to bulk up and would be able to give Bale a serious physical battle.