Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More on the Rumor About Two Women

A while back, the big rumor was that two female roles needed to be cast for The Dark Knight Rises. That rumor returns today from the Hollywood Reporter, with the roles reported to be Vicki Vale and Talia al Ghul. Contenders include Jessica Biel, Kate Mara (pictured), Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley, Gemma Arterton, and Charlotte Riley (who I don't think I've ever seen in anything).


disco3 said...

Gemma Arterton would be a serious Vicki Vale, but any of them would be good in that role. however Jessica Biel I think would be the only one suited to play Talia al Ghul. Charlotte Riley was in an ITV's(english TV Chanel)version of Wuthering Heights. She was very good but it looks like she is getting her best roles at the present time with upcoming roles in a serious british drama called Folyes war. haven't seen that episode yet through.

disco3 said...

just after reading there that Keira Knightley,Anne Hathaway, Gemma Arterton and Jessica Biel are all set to battle it out for the lead love interest role of Vicki Vale, Meanwhile, Kate Mara and Charlotte Riley are both rumoured to be in the running for the second role of Talia al Ghul.
my choices;
Vicki Vale: Gemma Arterton
Talia al Ghul: Kate Mara