Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SPOILERS (if this is reliable)

We're getting to the point where I may have to quit following all the Dark Knight Rises news, because I want to be surprised by the movie. But the latest out of the rumor mill from a site called Badass Digest is pretty specific. I've never heard of the site, so I have absolutely no idea how reliable it is (which is to say, I don't think very).

Spoilers below, followed by my thoughts: the end of the story Catwoman isn’t a villain but rather an ally of Batman. And who are they teaming up to take out? The League of Shadows. Headed by Talia Al’Ghul. With Bane, who is her muscle/possible love interest. And with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in tow. Is he playing Black Mask? My source didn’t know, but did know that Levitt is certainly an antagonist and involved with the League of Shadows.

I find it hard to believe that a movie would reintroduce the League of Shadows, Talia, Catwoman, Bane, and Black Mask all in the same movie. Especially when this is what Christopher Nolan considers to be the conclusion of the trilogy, so he wouldn't introduce them and leave hanging plot threads. And with all those characters, there's still the matter of Batman being the most wanted man in Gotham left over from The Dark Knight. All that said, I still do trust Christopher Nolan and company completely, and if this is what they want to do, I'm sure they will find a way.

Via Bleeding Cool.