Monday, September 22, 2008

News & Notes

From around the web:
And speaking of Ms. Kyle, she easily won the love interest poll at 37%. Talia al-Ghul and a celibate Batman tied for 2nd at 31%.

The new poll is asking what you'd like to see here. Unless I start going for goofy villains who only showed up in one comic 20+ years ago (which I have already done a few times), I'm running out. Though I'll still be keeping up with rumors and things like that, I'd like to keep up with (mostly) daily features. The ideas I've had so far include sidekicks (Robins, Batgirls, etc), Gotham City cops (Renee Montoya, Harvey Bullock, etc), Batman and Bruce Wayne's love interests, or just ditching the character stuff for a while and looking at influential Batman stories, and what might be drawn from them for a future Batman movie. I'm curious what you guys want to read about, so vote away.

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Robot Devil said...

why not cover other DCU villians who'd work with the character, like Lex Luthor or Toyman?