Friday, September 12, 2008

Whisper A'Daire

Whisper A'Daire is at least eighty years old, but looks pretty good for her age. Her boss, Ra's al-Ghul, gave her a serum by her boss to make her effectively immortal, which also gave her some kind of shape shifting snake powers. She sheds her skin to keep looking young, can do some kind of mind control stuff, and at least at one point could spit acid or venom or something. She's also given Ra's serum to her henchmen, like Kyle Abbot (pictured), who changes into a wolfman.

Pros: With the demise of Rachel Dawes, Batman probably needs a lady friend for the next movie. And she ties back in to Ra's al-Ghul from Batman Begins.

Cons: Ra's in Batman Begins didn't have the Lazarus pit or anything, so him giving some lady an immortality serum doesn't make much sense. Also, nothing supernatural has happened so far, so a snake lady with mind control doesn't really fit.

How I'd do it: I guess have her as a follower of Ra's, after revenge for Batman foiling the League of Shadows' plan to take down Gotham. Plus she can be a love interest or a femme fatale.

Casting Guesses: Not too many redheads out there. I already suggested Christina Hendricks for Poison Ivy, and she's not much of a fit, physically at least, for Whisper A'Daire. So I'll go with Alicia Witt.

Verdict: I say no chance. Not that she's a bad character, but Talia al-Ghul can bring the same call-back to Batman Begins and serve as a potential love interest, but she isn't based around supernatural abilities and is much better known.


goooooood girl said...

Feel good......

Anonymous said...

you are dead on if there should be any love interest it should be talia al ghul.

(and not robin)

no seriously, shes the most realistic of her class, and im sure once i see something supernatural in this batman franchise im gonna feel let down.

and im sure theres plenty who agree.