Friday, December 19, 2008

News & Notes

On the heels of more stupid rumors, various websites appear to be fed up with it.
  • Totalfilm ran an article titlted McG to Direct Batman 3!:
    Speaking from the moon, McG said: "I went to Great England to seek Nolan's approval. He said that he knows how tough it is to follow a brilliant film, after his experiences on Memento 2: I Still Can't Remember Where I Put My Keys."
  • Film School Rejects get the inside scoop straight from Christopher Nolan:
    Not only is it a guaranteed go, it’s going to be split into seven 4-hour movies, making the fourth installment a full 28-hours long. There are no rumors yet regarding the film, but expect an avalanche of them soon - including the fact that it will feature over a dozen villains, Alfred’s sex change, and Batman’s death at the hands of his own father who faked his death all those years ago and also happens to be a witch doctor.
  • Ain't It Cool News skips the satire and just uses a lot of profanity:
    If ANY OF YOU believe any of this [BS], you have found some crazy awesome drugs and I would like to have some of what you're having.

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